I answer the call of duty no longer

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I've been a over protective fan of the Call of Duty game series. I have them all somewhere and played em all. Ever since the cheater & lamer convention with P2P hosting on Modern Warfare 2 I was suspicious: Could this be all there is? Nothing new than a few gimmicks and the same shit all over again? Cheaters came and went, but there were good times too. Infinity Ward did an OK job at it.

A few years back CoD: Black Ops was different. Had dedicated servers, a shitty server browser, admin console and such. A few cheaters and a few idiot admins here and there, but nothing bad. It looked horrible though and offered a few over powered combinations of perks and weapons. But it was fun. This game was done by Treyarch, who release a new CoD every other year, when IW is not pushing one out.

2011 I think we got Modern Warfare 3. Enough said, that sucked. All the cheats from MW2 seemed to work off the bat, there was nothing to do but play the SP and forget it. No servers, nothing good except the perk system, which was not enough.

2012 brought us Black Ops2. Again done by Treyarch, this game was pretty enough, but no servers and the game imitated IW's productions quite closely. I still played it and for the longest time had some others playing as a team. That made it decent enough and although there were cheats, they stayed quite low.

The newest pile of manure is CoD: Ghosts, pushed out of it's unholy womb by IW. Basically since MW3 was a multiplayer flop, they just revamped it and added some elements. I admit, the basis sounds good (even though there are no servers and I think they just went back to P2P servers on the background quietly):
- Smart perk system
- Some new game modes (HC gets 4, started with 3. Yay!)
- Looks OK
- Runs smoothly
- Different MP games available (Extinction and Squads)

The cheaters are back. Maps are mostly tiny and people just SMG/pistol run like headless chickens about to hit puberty. It's sometimes impossible to get a game. You can't report players mid match properly. You can't decide a server, map or anything really about joining a game. Most likely if you leave a game because of a cheater, next time you connect, it will be same game. 5 times. I could go on, but why bother.

The point of all this rant is to really say that we had good times, but I can't take it no more. I feel no joy playing the game, there is nothing in it that would interest me. I'm a bit lost on this. I have zero interest in BF4 with hours per map and money used on upgrades, no, fuck that. If I use money on a gun, I want it to be a real gun. So I could go visit IW offices. Some play DayZ, but I will stress the point of "casual fun gaming", that does not fucking apply to a game where you have to keep clothed, fed and hydrated. I have that shit in real life and many people in the public transportation near Helsinki are like zombies, so got that covered too.

Let's see what I can immerse myself in to next. I am trying Batman: Arkham Origins, but the console style bullshit and how stiff Batman is just does not do it for me. There are some good elements, but it's like a modernized steampunk version of Super Mario. Mushrooms courtesy of the Joker.